Welcome to The Village of Bryn Mawr South

The Village of Bryn Mawr South is a rustic community. We have a variety of home styles and diverse residents. Feel free to look around and if you are not a resident but would like more information on the homes in our community or about our association, please contact your Real Estate Agent or send an email to info@brynmawrsouth.com.

Regular monthly Board of Directors meetings are scheduled for every 3rd Tuesday of the month starting at 7:00 pm at the community clubhouse located at 3149 Bridgehampton Ln. All members and residents are encouraged to attend the meetings and voice comments and concerns as well as join in community projects.

The Village of Bryn Mawr South Homeowners Association strives to promote a sense of community, enhance the livability, safety, welfare, and interests of the residents in addition to providing responsible management and use of community assets that benefits all homeowners and residents.